Pycopia vim package

Helpers for vim editor that is compiled with the embedded Python interpreter.

Enables some IDE-like functionality within vim for developing Python applications.

Also provides extended helpers for other types of files, implemented using the Python embedded in vim. There are also vim files that set menu and key mappings.

Also installs some new syntax highlighting files and color scheme.

Python Development

This module is intended for use with the Vim editor. It provides additional functionality to vim in general, but also some functions designed specifically for editing other python source files.

  1. Adds more advanced functionality and commands to Vim
  2. Enables more convenient Python program development (makes Vim a Python IDE)

Insert a vim line with tabbing related settings reflecting current settings.

HTML Development

CSS Development

Vim module for editing CSS.


Spawn a color selector with the current hex coded color, and replaces it with the newly selected color.

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